Restorative Yin - NEW CLASS 


This is a gorgeous, passive, quiet practice, mainly floor based where postures are held for extended periods of time with little or no muscular effort. We'll often support the body well to provide a restorative aspect.  Excellent for calming the mind, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety whilst working deeply to restore your bodies natural mobility. A superb partner to more yang movements (such active, strong, muscluar yoga or other activities such as running, weights and so on).

My name is Georgina Bassford and I am an experienced and fully qualified yoga teacher offering public and private hatha yoga classes to people of all abilities in the Bath area, helping you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.


If you are expecting a baby, you can greatly benefit from yoga and I have specialist training and experience in antenatal yoga.  I hold three classes in Lower Weston and Oldfield Park.   These help you prepare for the labour and keep you as healthy and relaxed as possible during your pregnancy.  I also run special Birth Preparation Workshops for couples.


I also teach a postnatal mother and baby classes.  There are limited numbers so get in touch to book your space.

Yoga has such a lot to offer business employees because simple breathing, posture and relaxation techniques can help to keep your staff stress-free, happier and more productive.  Get in touch to discuss your needs, whether you might like a one-off lunchtime session, a regular class, or a workshop as part of a course you may be running.


I am also able to offer a specifically designed yoga experience for hen weekends, birthdays or special occasions.

Have a look around this little website for more information but I am always happy to be called or emailed to chat about things if you have any questions or queries.  I look forward to hearing from you!