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"I've been to quite a number of classes over the years, both in Australia and here but I must tell you that you are by far the best and most engaging teacher I have come across!  Your way of teaching is extremely welcoming and inclusive and I think you have a rare talent." Tracy C.


Booking onto a class

All classes (with the exception of pregnancy and postnatal yoga which have their own booking system) must be booked in advance by sending me an email ( or texting me (07940 704850) (don't forget your first and second name, name and date of the class).  You can book into classes up to two weeks in advance and up to an hour before class. Depending on the venue, a full class is between 12 and 18 people and many classes run full or near full, so book as far in advance as you can to secure your place.


Once you've attended for a while and you know you want to come every week, you can ask to be put on the Regular List for that class. In this case, you need to let me know each week only if you can't attend.


Completing a new student form

All new students have to complete a simple online booking form before attending. You can access that here.


Paying for a class

You can pay for classes in cash, cheque (G. Bassford) or via PayPal before or after class. You can pay for single classes or purchase a Class Pass.


Single Class £9

Mini Class Pass £34 (4 classes valid for 5 weeks)

Super Class Pass £68 (8 classes valid for 10 weeks)


Pregnancy and Postnatal classes have different prices.

Slow Flow Yoga

10-11am Wednesday, Weston Methodist Church


We flow slowly from pose to pose, helping you to find your own comfortable alignment whilst building strength and flexibility.  There's always time for relaxation and we work with breath practices and meditations too. Suitable for all levels, especially beginners.


"That was the best class I have ever attended. I am looking forward to more!" Anne-Marie R.



Yang Yin Yoga

8-9pm Thursday, Weston Methodist Church


Most suited for advanced beginners and improvers, this evening class starts with a strong flowing practice (yang) and finishes very slow, stretchy and meditative (yin) as we head towards bedtime.  Expect to feel throughly rinsed of the day by the end! 


"I love Georgie's class! It stretches you just as much as you want to be stretched and she has a lovely way that makes everyone in the room feel special. Best class I've ever been to." Aggie N.

Restorative Yin Yoga

1:45-2:45pm Monday, Bath Yoga Studio


A slow practice suitable for all levels. We focus on slow, passive floor-based postures, held for 3-6 minutes each, which slowly draws the mind inwards and works deeply with the deep muscle and connective tissues of the body to improve your flexibility and mobility.


With time, this practice cultivates patience, gratitude and contentment.  You could look at it as an hour of meditation with added benefits!

Yoga: Move. Relax. Restore


6:30-7:30pm Wednesday, Hedley Hall

This class, suitable for all levels especially beginners, is for those of you who need a mid-week reboot and recharge - a total de-stresser!  We start with a gentle but thorough movement practice to ground you, moving onto long-held, restorative poses before a led relaxation/meditation. Float home.


"I just wanted to say thank you for being so welcoming. I was a little nervous to join a class again as it's been so long, but I really enjoyed the class and took so much from it. I'll definately be back next week!" Lia B.

As with so many teachers, rather than teaching under one specific school of yoga, I'm influenced by many (such as sivananda, iyengar, scaravelli).  These are styles of hatha yoga (sometimes called the yoga of postures) that different people have created over the years and it's great because each will appeal to different people.  My classes incorporate what I have learnt and am continually learning through my own practice and on-going training which means what I teach is in constant flux!  Which is a good lesson to learn - nothing ever stays the same, change is a given.


Fundamental to all yoga asana practice is connecting with the breath and finding a calm space to practice mindfully.  Some of my classes are stronger and more demanding than others so check the timetable carefully.


I always hope that the qualities you develop on the mat will naturally, effortlessly spill over into your every day life so that you can see the positive repercussions of your practice reverberate through your day!


I welcome MoveGB students

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