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"I've been to quite a number of classes over the years, both in Australia and here but I must tell you that you are by far the best and most engaging teacher I have come across!  Your way of teaching is extremely welcoming and inclusive and I think you have a rare talent." Tracy Christmas

Slow Flow Yoga

My Slow Flow Yoga class is suitable for beginners or those with physical restrictions to movement.  We flow slowly from pose to pose, helping you to find your own comfortable alignment whilst building strength and flexibility.  There is always time for relaxation at the end and we work with breath practices and meditations too.


All levels, especially beginners.


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Yang-Yin Yoga

My Yang-Yin Yoga classes are most suited to advanced beginners and improvers. This is an evening class and so it starts strong (yang) and finishes very slow, stretchy and meditative (yin).  Expect to move relatively quickly, but steadily and with no sense of rushing, through a flow of poses for the first full half hour of the class.


The second half of the class moves into deep, long held floor-based poses (yin poses) which work at deeply affecting the more intransigent tissues of the body and soothing the mind. There is then plenty of time for a pre-bed savasana and often a meditation too.  And all in one hour!


Advanced beginners and improvers


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Restorative Yin Yoga


Yin yoga focuses on slow, passive floor-based postures which slowly draws the mind inwards. Restorative yoga looks to nourish and support the body towards deep relaxation using bolsters and other props.  Restorative Yin Yoga is a mix of both!  It's a superb partner to a yang lifestyle (busy!) or activities such as active, strong, muscluar yoga or running, weights and so on, and works deeply with the deep muscle and connective tissues of the body to improve your flexibility (muscle) and mobility (bone).


Postures are held for extended periods of time (3-6 minutes) with little or no muscular effort to work deep into the layers of connective tissues. We focus on interoception through the practice - how the body feels from the inside - and during the time of stillness have an opportunity to work deeper (conciously and unconciously) on our physical, energetic and mental states of being.  With time, this practice cultivates patience, gratitude and contentment.


It is a stunning, transformative practice which mixes the traditions of yoga, mindfulness practices and Traditional Chinese Medivine to deeply calm the mind, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety whilst working deeply to restore your body's health. You could look at it as an hour of meditation with added benefits!

This class is suitable for beginners and improvers.


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Yoga: Move. Relax. Restore


This brand new class, which starts on Wednesday 26th April 2017, is for those of you who need a mid-week reboot and recharge.  It lives up to its name - starting with a gentle but thorough movement practice to ground you, we will move onto a long-held, restorative and relaxing poses before a led relaxation and short meditation, all aimed at the complete beginner and, as always, with physical and mental wellbeing in mind.

This class is suitable for beginners and improvers.


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Saturday Feel Good Restorative Yoga


This class is longer than my usual classes, being 90 minutes, and also different to my other classes which are all weekly, this one is only every other month.


It's a completely restorative class with long held, supported floor-based postures, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation. An opportunity to dive deep and release the week's tensions.


This class is suitable for beginners and improvers.


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Pregnancy Yoga


I run three Pregnancy Yoga classes each week, all suitable for beginners and improvers. They have their own web page!


More details on Pregnancy Yoga Classes


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Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga


I run two Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga classes each week, all suitable for beginners and improvers. They have their own web page!


More details on Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga Classes


Class times, venues and prices

As with so many teachers, rather than teaching under one specific school of yoga, I'm influenced by many (such as sivananda, iyengar, scaravelli).  These are styles of hatha yoga (sometimes called the yoga of postures) that different people have created over the years and it's great because each will appeal to different people.  My classes incorporate what I have learnt and am continually learning through my own practice and on-going training which means what I teach is in constant flux!  Which is a good lesson to learn - nothing ever stays the same, change is a given.


Fundamental to all yoga asana practice is connecting with the breath and finding a calm space to practice mindfully.  Some of my classes are stronger and more demanding than others so check the timetable carefully.


I always hope that the qualities you develop on the mat will naturally, effortlessly spill over into your every day life so that you can see the positive repercussions of your practice reverberate through your day!


I welcome MoveGB students

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