Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga

This class is especially for new mothers and their babies. There are two classes to choose from: Mondays 10-11:30am or Wednesdays 11:15-12:45pm in Lower Weston.  Price and venue details here


What to bring

  • Yourself and your baby/ies of course!
  • Anything that you will need to change and feed him/her.  We have a kitchen so hot water is available for heating bottles if you need it.  
  • Just a shawl or blanket of some description for lying your baby on

What to expect
If you have just had a baby, it is common to feel a whole plethora of things, from euphoria and joy to anxiety and overwhelming tiredness - sometimes all at the same time!  You will be spending most if not all of your energies focusing on your new baby and not much time looking after yourself.  This class offers an informal, safe space where you can be with other mothers going through similar things to you and share your experiences.  You will learn lots of safe and effective postnatal recovery yoga exercises to help you relax, restore your energy, and address some of post-pregnancies most common physical challenges, such as weakened pelvic floor, aching neck and shoulders, back ache, tiredness, weakened abdominal muscles and emotional ups and downs.  You do not need to have practied yoga before.


Whilst this is not a baby yoga class, the classes include interactive practices that you can do with your baby to help you both to relax and have fun together.  Babies are a welcome and vital part of the class and you should feel free to feed or change him/her at any time during the class, and be relaxed about your babies needs, whether they are sleeping or wakeful and crying. The rest of the class will not mind!


When can I join a class?

You can join just as soon as you feel comfortable after your baby's birth, but generally I expect people will want to start within 6-10 weeks of birth. For the moment, the class is recommended until your baby is around 6-8 months old (or until s/he begins to crawl).


No, but your baby is welcome which means that you don't have to worry about leaving your precious bundle elsewhere. Everyone understands that your baby may need a feed or cuddle mid way through but nobody will mind.

Booking your place

A link to the booking form is below Just download it, complete it and email it to me. I will then reply to confirm your place.




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