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You must complete the online Pregnancy form before coming to class please. Don't worry, it's pretty quick and easy to complete! Just follow the link below.


Once I've received your form, I'll be in touch to confirm your place.  You can pay via PayPal before you come to class (which you can do via the PayPal button on the Timetable page of my website) or you can pay when you come to class - cash or cheque - or via PayPal after the class.

"Thank you for all your fantastic advice and reassurance in the run-up to the birth of my daughter - it was utterly fantastic and helpful."

Sophie, Bath


Being pregnant is a very special and amazing time for everyone involved - mother, father, siblings, friends and family.  Yet there can also be many challenges to contend with, whether phyiscal, mental or emotional. 

I hope that in my classes, women feel able to relax and get back to the reality of things - that unique connection that only they have with their babies, and that they can let go of 'stuff' for a little while and enjoy sharing space, chat and advice with other mothers-to-be. 

Once you are 15 weeks pregnant, you can attend a class, and you don't need to start at any particular point, although the sooner the better.  You can come right up until your due date - and beyond if your baby isn't ready to make an appearance! 

The class offers you a place to relax and spend time with your baby, as well as getting to know other mothes in your local area.  You will learn how to safely stretch and strengthen your body to keep it healthy and fit during pregnancy and with an eye on labour.   We also look at breath techniques and positions for labour.  Each class starts with herbal tea and a brief catch up on our week, and ends with a relaxation followed by a healthy, homemade snack.  Sometimes I invite a relevant therapist or professional to the class to share with us their knowledge and answer any questions, such as massage therapists, reflexologists, bowen therapists, doulas, NCT and LLL representatives, Home Birth and water birth experts and chiropracters.


Booking onto a class


If you decide you'd like to come along, please complete the form which you can download above.  And there is a link below with information on class days, venues etc to help you decide which class suits you best.

Can't make a class?
Please note that if you can't make your regular class, you can come along to one of my other classes instead (there are three to choose from).  You can choose to do more than one a week too if you like!

What to bring
You need to come in comfortable clothes, with warm things to put on for relaxation.  You needn't bring a mat unless you have one that you would prefer to bring. I provide bolsters, blankets and some cushions, so some people like to bring their own cushion (and their own blanket especially in winter if you like a really warm one!).  It's best if you haven't had a large meal just before coming, but don't be hungry - either have your dinner earlier, or ensure you have had a little something to keep you going till you get home


What to expect

If you can, arrive 5 or 10 minutes earlier so that we can be sure to start on time and you have a chance to catch up with people before we begin. However, I never mind people turning up late - however late! There is also a chance to share experiences during the class, plenty of posture work to help keep you relaxed and energised during your pregnancy and lots of postures and breath work specifically aimed at preparing for labour. Keeping relaxed is key. The class always ends with a good relaxation and I try to be sure to tailor the session for everyone's needs. We also have a healthy snack afterwards.


Every now and again I finish the class a little early to allow women to return with their babies and share with us their birth stories (generally an incredibly interesting and helpful experience). Also, I invite a number of relevant therapists and professionals to visit the class to provide useful information for you, such as doulas, massage therapists, reflexologists, NCT and La Leche League representatives, Bowen therapists and chiropracters.


If you have any questions at all between now and when you are due to come to the class, please do call, I would be happy to help in any way.


Please note that I can't guarantee you a place in class til you have completed the above form and I have replied to confirm your start date.

Free Newborn Photo Session!

Bath-based photographer, Stephanie, is offering all Bright Blue Yoga pregnancy students who purchase a Class Pass a free newborn photo session for some beautiful and unique images of your newborn which usually costs £75 (this doesn't include the cost of the images themselves). She can get booked up quite far in advance so to ensure availablity the best time to book is after your 20 week scan so that you can pencil in a date 1-2 weeks after your due date.


Contact Stephanie:

Tel: 07895 895254


I hold a specialist pregnancy yoga diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and am passionate about helping pregnant women have a healthier and more positive pregnancy and labour.


I also have three children born in 2004, 2007 and 2010 and am a member of the Association of Birth and Baby Professionals.


Click here for more info on my qualifications


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