Some kind words


"I love Georgie's class! It stretches you just as much as you want to be stretched and she has a lovely way that makes everyone in the room feel special. Best class I've every been to."



I moved to Bath 2 months ago. After 20 years of yoga practice in Oxford, many workshops, many styles, I am so glad I have found Georgie's class! Her classes are amazingly complete and you come out energised and relaxed, serene and ready for any challenge. Merci Georgie."



“Classes achieved the right balance of exercise and relaxation.”


“Georgina is versatile, adaptable, energetic, methodical, knowledgeable, friendly and thoughtful. I started yoga with Georgina, took instruction for 3 years and have never found anyone quite as good.”



Pregnancy Yoga (and birth stories)


I've been doing Georgie's pregnancy yoga class since week 17 of my pregnancy and it is the highlight of my week. Georgie is nothing short of brilliant, not just in her practical teaching but the knowledge that she passes on to all of us. Always helping with any ailments or complaints each of us might have and giving solutions and exercises to these. I leave feeling totally and utterly relaxed every single week and it is really helping me prepare both physically and mentally for labour. 
I will certainly miss the class but am looking forward to joining the post natal group once baby is here and still getting an hour or so a week with the wonderful Georgie.  If you are pregnant then this class is a must!



"I want to say a massive thank you. I felt like your wonderful advice and calming vibes were right there with me throughout labour. Everything from birthing ball techniques in early stages, keeping moving, listening to your body, working with gravity and (surprisingly to me perhaps most helpful) humming/mooing through the final stages.  Fantastic!  Felt a bit silly doing it in class but really helped get me through the final bits. I really do feel I wouldn't have been anywhere near as prepared if it wasn't for your classes. And the classes themselves were a real highlight of those looong pregnancy months."



"Labour went well and I asked my husband to remind me of the golden thread breathing technique which I used a lot. Between my tens machine and breathing, we got through almost all of labour and had gas and air for the last twenty minutes. And then a delightful wee girl joined us! Thanks so much for all the top tips and relaxing at yoga. Turns out it helped more than I can of imagined."



"Thank you so much for being an amazing yoga teacher. I really enjoyed all of the sessions I attended and feel much better prepared for the birth than I would have otherwise."



"Thank you so much for the classes. I have loved them and I am convinced that I would have been on crutches had I not attended your classes [Sarah suffered from pubic symphysis pain] as they have kept me moving and helped hugely with relaxation and flexibility."



"Had a reallyyyyy long labour - 38 hours, 27 of which were at home in the latent phase which seemed to go on forever.  The contractions were 4 minutes apart from the very beginning and pretty strong so the breathing techniques you taught us were brilliant as it kept me focussed, my mum and hubby were very impressed, although I couldn't speak to them much throughout!  Managed to use the birthing pool once I got into hospital which was lovely, but over 30 hours in with no sleep I had to get out and have epidural, then just over 4 hours later Noah arrived.  Nothing can prepare you fully for it, but I'm so pleased I came to your yoga classes, I think without them I would of been a lot more nervous and unprepared about how to breathe and focus so thank you so much.
I've kept in touch with [people from the class] and we've been meeting up every week so it's been lovely to have met them at yoga and carried on seeing them to have lots of baby chat!"


"I can’t actually believe that it’s all over and am now the ‘proud owner’ of someone so precious! All in all, the wonderful experience of being pregnant and the ‘positive’ labour has left me feeling as if I want to do this over and over again!!!

I can’t thank you enough for all of the fabulous advice you gave both myself (during yoga classes) and Andrew (at your birth prep class).  It really did make a difference in understanding my pregnancy and the whole labour process!"


"You may have already guessed but just wanted to let you know that Dan and I are the hugely happy new parents of Jessica Alice.  She was born at 0902 on Tue 6 Nov (hence why I didn't make Wednesday's class!) :)
"Thank you for your wealth of information and positivity during my pregnancy. I really enjoyed your classes."

"Not back to back this time, it was much less painful and altogether a far better experience than Sam's birth.  Thanks for all the tips on posture as I am sure they helped this time to make it a lot easier and far more positive eperience."

"Thank you again for all your support through pregnancy.  I have to say that your yoga classes helped to make my pregnancy such an enjoyable experience!  I do hope to come along to your mother and baby classes once Finn is old enough."

Just wanted to let you know baby Gwen arrived last weekend, and we're absolutely thrilled. What an amazing experience!
Labour was all the things I was hoping it would be; exciting, calm, controlled and magical all at the same time.
So thank you! I don't always manage to say thanks at the end of your classes, but I always want to. I really think they have made a massive difference to my physical and mental well being throughout my pregnancy (never mind labour!) And I'm not just talking about yoga. The atmosphere you create in the classes is really special, it's been such a valuable support network, especially being a new kid in Bath. I'll miss it over the next few weeks, but I'm looking forward to the post natal classes with my new sidekick!"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful yoga classes. I really looked forward to them every week."


"I just wanted to thank you for the yoga sessions...especially all the insomnia advice and sleep and relaxation techniques. I found them invaluable through the pregnancy, and will definately need them now the little ones are here!"

"Thanks for all your help.  The breathing techniques came in handy and the class gave me the time to get into the right mindset for birth."

"Thank you for the techniques you have shown me, although the birth ball was the last thing I wanted the relaxed jaw really did its job, as did keeping my palms open and just working with rather than against contractions. It was my best labour yet, you can't complain at three hours though - literally got to the hospital and delivered. Was lucky to make it on to the bed." 

"I have a very good reason for not joining you and the other girls tonight. Our little baby girl arrived on Saturday 1st August 09 (she was due on the 2nd so only a little early). She was delivered at home with the use of a TENS machine, cold flannel, deep breathing, my own version of wide cat pose with Matt encouraging me to remain relaxed when necessary and to breathe when necessary... the pain made it difficult at times to remember to do both. The labour started at 1:30pm Saturday.  I had the classic mucous plug show, waters break and contractions leading me to be 9cm dilated by 6pm when the midiwfe arrived at the house.  Little girl was born at 7:50pm weighting 7.5lbs. She is perfect. Wow, I can think now - pretty quick for a first timer."

"I feel I had a really positive and truly amazing birth experience.  I am enjoying grappling with breast feeding, despite being huge, very sore and sometimes so sleepy!  Having our little girl and learning more about her each day is a great reward.  The breathing and movement came very naturally having practiced so much in the classes.  Thanks for your wonderful advice and classes."

"The labour was quick, 4 hours from start to finish, and felt very efficient!  I thought I was going to be keen for an active labour but once I was on the bed (where I had to get to be examined) I found I didn't want to move anywhere.  The breathing exercises were very helpful to me, I am sure, and the gas and air worked a treat (couldn't tolerate it first time round as it made me feel so sick, but I had an anti-sickness injection this time).  The gas and air helped with the breathing as well.  I was really pleased to have a normal labour with just gas and air after a very different labour first time around (back to back labour, epidural, instrumentla delivery), but I am sure the main difference was that this baby was the right way round and my uterus was well practiced.  So, it was painful but felt like a very positive pain that was doing something very useful.  After all the lovely normal labour it was a bit of a nuisance to have to go to threatre for manual removal of the placenta (with epidural) as it didn't want to come away on its own...

"It is a fantastic class, George has a very calming manner and brings lots of additional useful information and advice helping you to remain as relaxed and positive as possible.  Learning to relax using breathing techniques really helped in my labour, as did the various different positions using the birthing ball."

"I found the class very relaxing - and I feel that it helped me prepare mentally for the big event that was ahead! Towards the end, I think that if I'd had the opportunity to do the class every evening, I would have done so!" 

"During pregnancy it was the relaxation techniques I used mostly having been used to rushing around rather a lot and not being very good at stopping.  During labour I was unable to use positions I had learned due to monitoring but the breathing techniques were invaluable and really helped me get through the contractions." 

"Pregnany is something to be treasured and with your help, it has been such a happy time for me."


'Womb to World' - Birth Prep for couples

"Both Cory and I are absolutely convinced that your classes and birth workshop contributed to how quickly and relatively smoothly the birth went."
"I can't thank you enough for the pregnancy yoga and the couples birthing preparation that you did for us at home. The combination of the breathing techniques and pressure points for Dan to work with worked brilliantly. I did the golden thread breathing as well as some ujayi breathing throughout :-) I also concentrated on the contractions being 'surges' and becoming more 'intense' and feeling my body do everything it needed to do to birth my baby. Amazing!

We managed the latent phase at home for about 12 hours and started using the TENS machine in the last few hours before heading into hospital where the examination confirmed I was 4cm. Then with some help from the Gas and Air machine, about 6-7 hours later, little Rory was born, no interventions or stitches :-) so overall a very good birth. So proud of myself!"



"Just want to say a big thank you as the birth prep workshop really paid off.  I had a very positive birth and Ant was so good at supporting me too!  I had mild contractions since the day before and I was constantly on my knees and standing, wriggling around and using lots of techniques that you mentioned.  Cephas was born within 15 minutes of arriving at the delivery suit - we didn't expect such a quick delivery.  I didn't even need the tens machine as such!"

Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga

Kim with baby Josh
"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic post-natal yoga classes - Josh and I have absolutely loved them and really enjoyed the support they have given us too"

Morag with baby Jack
"I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all of the pregnancy and baby yoga sessions SO much and they were really helpful in so many ways.  You are a great teacher and make amazing biscuits!  Thank you ever so much and hopefully I will see you again when I brave being pregnant again!"


Yoga for Businesses

"I have never attended a workshop before and felt nervous.  Georgina made me feel relaxed and I learnt to breathe!  I will certainly take this with me. Thank you."

"A great start to the day - energising and very well presented by a calm, patient person."


"Georgina allowed people to work at own pace. Important element in week for physical well being."


"A lovely way to end the day. I felt cared for and comfortable even though I've never done yoga before. 


It worked well as by the Thursday I felt that we had covered a lot and needed a little release.

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