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Friday 21st December 2018


The Hub, Mulberry Way, Combe Down



A chance to celebrate the winter solstice which happily falls on a Friday this year - Friday is such a lovely evening for getting together. The end of the week, the start of the weekend and not far from the Christmas break for most of us.


I will be welcoming Mark Pogson my Qigong teacher back again, after the success of last year’s collaboration in early December, to share with us a peek into the way qigong helps us tune into the energies of the solstice.  On December 21st, we are at the cusp of complete stillness, experiencing the longest night and the shortest day of the year. Let’s welcome this with a wide open heart, and look forward to the return of the light, symbolised for us by the idea of the brilliant dragon of transformation. 


The Hub is an amazing new venue up in Combe Down with a beautiful wooden sprung  floor, floor to ceiling windows (for star gazing?) and excellent heating (very important :-) ) and it’s the first time I have used this space. I am excited to be teaching here, and alongside Mark, you can expect an inspiring evening of movement and meditation accesible for those new to yoga and qigong as well as those with some experience.



Winter Solstice Yoga & Qigong
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Saturday Feel Good

Restorative Yoga Special
Next Dates:
19 Jan19
(23 March - special Spring event - info to come!)
11 May19
13 Jul19
7 Sep19
Weston Methodist Church (for the May, July and September dates)
Hedley Hall (for the November, January and March dates)



This special class is longer than my usual classes, being 90 minutes, and also different to my other classes which are all weekly, this one is only every other month.


It's a completely restorative class with long held, supported floor-based postures, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation. An opportunity to dive deep and release the week's tensions.


This class is suitable for beginners and improvers.


"I loved this class. I was looking for a healing yoga class and this was perfect  to get me back into yoga. Georgie is great at supporting the various levels in each class so it wasn't a problem that I wasn't as fit/flexible as some of the other people. My favourite part of the session was the guided relaxation at the end which was wonderful." Louise G.


How to book your place on the Feel Good Restorative Yoga Special

You do need to book and pre-pay onto this Saturday class.  Best to contact me first to check there is a place and then I will save you a place to give you a chance to make your payment. You can pay in person at one of my classes, in cash or cheque, or use the PayPal button below please.


The price is £13, or you can use one of the classes in your Bright Blue Yoga Class Pass if you have one, and pay a supplement of £5.


You can book onto any of the upcoming dates, just choose the appropriate class from the drop-down menu below.



Saturday Feel Good Restorative Yoga Special
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Need to cancel your place in the Feel Good class?
If you need to cancel your place, you can do so with a full refund up to 72 hours beforehand. After that, I'm very happy to refund you in full if I can fill your place.
You and your Core - a whole-body approach!
"Practical ways to live and move to restore your core and pelvic health"
Next dates:
2019 dates to be announced soon.
Saturday 7th October 2017
Weston Methodist Church, Newbridge Hill, Bath BA1 3EA
£30 (or Early Bird price £25 if booked before 7th September 2017
So many of us are walking around with bodies that don't allow us to live our lives fully.
This workshop will serve you if...
You want a stronger, better functioning core
You're keen to use whole body approaches to self heal your body
You like the idea of moving towards good health 24 hours a day, not just once a week 'in class'
You have a diastasis recti (tummy gap) that may be causing a 'mummy tummy'
You have nagging low back pain all the time, or during or after exercise
You suffer from stress incontinence on exertion (like when you cough, sneeze, run or jump (this is not normal!)
You've been diagnosed with a low level prolapse
You just want a body that feels good and lets you do the things you love
Perhaps you've had a baby recently (or maybe 20 years ago) and you still feel not fully 'back together'.  Kegels (pelvic floor exercises) are not the whole picture. Neither are sit ups (in fact perhaps they shouldn't be part of the picture at all!).
This workshop will take you through a basic understanding of what we understand to be the core and how it fits into the bigger picture of the amazingly complex system that we call a body.  
You'll see that what you eat, how you breath, move and sit all effect your pelvic floor and core health and will leave armed with many simple, doable techniques and tips to help you have a body you love and that doesn't let you down.

I'll be sharing my knowledge of the core and pelvic health through training with Jenny Burrell and the work of Katy Bowman and Amy Stein (among others) and grounded in the modern understanding of anatomy and myofascia (muscle) of the body through training with Gary Carter.

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