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I have a few documents you may find useful, including using a birth ball in labour which you can find if you click here.


Below are a range of people and organisations which I hope you may find useful. There are lots that are just relevant to pre and post natal period, but plenty are relevant even if you are not pregnant or postnatal!


They are selected because they have been directly recomended to me by a number of people and have had excellent feedback.


Please let me know if you would like something added to the list, or if something is inaccurate.



In Alphabetical Order...


Melanie Leeson

Melanie practices traditional chinese acupuncture. In addition to her work with other clients, Melanie works with pregnancy and fertility, postnatal care and also accupressure for labour.




Aquanatal Classes, Hydrotherapy pool at the RUH

Led by a physiotherapist for maintaining muscle strenth and flexibility in warm water.  These are lovely classes and there is usually a waiting list so get on early and call every few weeks to check where you are.  This seems the most successful way to ensure you get a place.

Classes cost £6 cash, run in 8-week courses and are half an hour long. They run on Mondays at 3pm and 3:30pm and on Thursdays at 12:15 from approximately 24 weeks - birth

Call 01225 824293 (Physiotherapy Dept of the RUH) or email


Aquanatal Classes with WaterBumps

Gentle exercise in water for pregnant and new mums (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) at Bath University on Monday evenings.  Classes are focused on strengthening and stretching rather than ‘getting fit’ and offer the kind of wrap around care that is like a big hug for every part of you! 

01275 400800


Christian Dunham

Bowen Therapy is recognised as an effective treatment for many ailments and conditions, especially during pregnancy and postnatally, treating lower back, pelvic pain and sciatic type pain.  The very gentle approach of Bowen Therapy makes it ideal for treating newborn babies.


Neil Gibson

The Bowen Technique is highly effective therapy for pain relief, injury treatment rehabiitation and general maintenance for people from all walks of life.  It is an ideal therapy for pregnant women for pain relief (such as back and hip pain, sciatica, pelvic pain and more) coping with the rapid changes the body makes during pregnancy and helping the body prepare itself for birth.  Regular Bowen seems to lead to more contented babies. The gentle, holistic nature of Bowen is perfect for both mothers pre- and post-natally, as well as for newborn children. And dads too!




Offered by Bath RUH 

For any woman who has had her baby at the RUH, any amount of months or years after birth and not before 3 months after labour.


To book an appointment, call Mary Ward on 01225 824662 or email The service also has its own facebook page.




Can I Breastfeed In It?

Helps support mums to choose clothing they can breastfeed in that enables them to feel confident and good about themselves when nursing.


National Breastfeeding Helpline

Independent, confidential, mother-centred, non-judgmental breastfeeding support and information. Open 9:30am-9:30pm every single day of the year.  There is also a web chat service.

Call 0300 1000212 or visit site


La Leche League (LLL)

LLL has great online support and information. They also have local volunteer advisors that you can call up who will give advice on the phone and also do home visits.
To find out what is happening locally in Bath, you can email them at
or visit the Bath LLL



Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

The professional voice of breastfeeding since 1994, you can search their database for local lactation consultants.


National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

The NCT has lots of useful info on its website. There is also a Baby Cafe and breastfeeding support group that meet weekly that I'd highly recomend.  You don't need to be a member to use their resources.  You can find this information on their website


Like LLL, they also have excellent volunteer breastfeeding counsellors


Catherine Henaghan  01225 318365 (NHS breastfeeding Councillor)

Heather Kale              01225 424471 (NCT breastfeeding Councillor)



Jo Hanstead

An experienced McTimoney chiropractic and craniosacral therapist working in Frome and Bath. Very gentle bodywork, helpful in pregnancy and for babies.



Shaana Van Aardenne - Family Chiropractic Centre

A popular chiropractor in the Bradford on Avon area, but plenty of her clients come from Bath! Shaana can work with the whole family on all sorts of issues but has a specialist interest in Pelvic Girdle Pain in pregnancy.




Becky Galpin

Becky is therapist and owner of Natural Balance Therapies just outside Bath, running a treatment room set in the beautiful village of Carlingcott.  She offers swedish massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, pregnancy reflexology and Indian head massage

For more info visit her website or email



Kate Davies (RN Bsc (Hons) runs a business supporting women along their fertility journey. Kate consults and advises women on achieving pregnancy naturally but she also offers a service to couples wishing to learn how to use natural contraception. Kate is also a qualified Fertility Coach and supports women to gain a positive mindset as they navigate along their journey through fertility investigations, IVF and beyond.
For more info visit her website or her facebook page or email




Search for a local doula
Type in your postcode and find out about the doulas in your local area - and this website is created by a group of local doulas
Michelle Weeks (Doula Shell - The Calm in the Room)

Michelle holds a safe space for women so they can explore the intricacies of their mothering journey along with their families.  She offers emotional and practical support, encouragement and reassurance and has a non-biased, evidence-based approach. She’s really happy to have a chat via email or phone or to set up a meeting to talk through your options.
07791 039670


Charlotte Brown (Bath Doula)

Charlotte offers support and guidance for you (and if you have one, your partner) before, during and after labour.  She was a nurse and midwife for many years and is also a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner, a breast feeding peer support worker and helps run the Larkhall baby cafe.  She offers bespoke photography services and has 100% positive feedback from all her clients!
07722 619441





Boobalou Living

Plastic-free and re-usable everyday items




Cherishing Birth Natal Hypnotherapy - Noreen Hart

Priavte or group one day courses using Maggie Howell's award winning Effective Birth Preparation CD and taught by Noreen Hart, who has been an NCT teacher in Bath for the last 25 years as well as a doula and birth supporter for over 20 years.


bumpsnbabies Hypnobirthing - Taught by midwives

A popular antenatal education programme used for over 20 years, that prepares your body and mind for a calm and enjoyable birth experience. Taught by practising midwives who have lots of first hand experience of caring for women in labour. Hypnobirthing is suitable for all types of births whether you are planning to have your baby in hospital, birth centre or at home. The skills you learn can be applied to all brithing environments.


Hypnotherapist and Counsellor - Maritza Becker

Everything you need to birth naturally lies within you and Maritza teaches you how to access those skills. The course focuses on deep relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to help you achieve a more relaxed, comfortable and fulfilling natural birth experience. Relaxing your mind allows your body to birth the way nature intended. Maritza runs her sessions around the clients beliefs and what they feel comfortable with.


Hypnobirthing in Bath - Kat Dawe Schmeisser

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Methodis the breakthrough and natural approach to safe, easy, comfortable birthing. An antenatal childbirth education programme that offers a remarkably simple, relaxed and natural approach to birth.  The HypnoBirthing in Bath course teaches you deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to prepare for birth; and providestechniques for mum-to-be and her birth companion to
 ensure the birth of your baby is a joyous experience.


Hypnobirthing Courses - Emma Farrell

Learn the techniques proven to help ensure a confident labour and natural delivery. Hypnobirthing is a powerful ante-natal practice that uses techniques of self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, breathing, massage and education.  It dispels the myths about labour and birth, empowers parents-to-be to make the choices that are right for them, and helps break the fear-tension-pain cycle which can promote shorter, less painful (sometimes pain-free) births with less intervention.



The Positive Birth Company - Digital Course

The Positive Birth Company is on a mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible, because they passionately believe that every woman deserves access to this education and the tools to achieve the best birth possible. That’s why this digital course, which includes videos, MP3 downloads, pdf notes and a social media support group.

They also sell a Birthing App called ‘Freya’ which a few women have recommended to me, to time the contractions or surges and support you with visualisation ideas and simple breathing techniques.




Katy Hancock

Reassuring and practical three-hour courses covering emergency resuscitation, choking, burns and scalds, head injuries, drowning, poisening, meningitis, febrile convulsions and childhood illnesses.


Courses hosted in Bath and facilitated by NCT Antenatal Teacher and Postnatal Supporter with Paediatric First Aid Certification.


For further information, contact Katy Hancock

07970 036979




Lindsay Renwick - Holistic Hut

A complementary therapist including pre and postnatal massage, reflexology and baby massage.

Email or call 07527 517688


Sushi Mahto - Massage, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Shiatsu and Tarot Card Readings

Available for treatments on Saturdays in Bath and druing the week in Swindon area.  Well-qualified and experienced practitioner.


Heidi Armstrong - Reflexology, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Massage and Aromatherapy

Heidi incorportaes Traditional Chinese Medical theory in all her treatments, including 5 Elements and specialises in working with pregnant women.


Polly Field at The Bath Massage Company

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage.  Also specialist massage treatments for pregnancy covering all trimesters, including Lymphatic Drainage and Acupuncture work.  6 week Baby Massage courses.


Lizzie Longhurst at Top To Toe Treatments Bath

Lizzie is a holistic massage therapist specialising in pre-conception, antenatal and baby massage classes and 1-1 sessions. She offers treatments that incorporate holistic massage, aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, facials, reflexology and hot stone massage.  She has trained with Well Mother and done specialised training in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. Treatments can be booked at Neal's Yard Bath, The Practice Rooms Bath or mobile treatments.


Ann-Marie Rose at Rose Holistic Treatments

Anne-Marie is a Complementary Therapist offering wonderfully relaxing holistic massage and reflexology to women in Bath at her home clinic in Newbridge. A fab treatment alongside yoga practice!  Particularly useful for helping with stress and anxiety, back ache and neck and shoulder tensions.




Find a private midwife

Some women really benefit from the support of a private midwife, especially if they are keen for a natural birth and yet have a number of health issues or are anxious about birth. They provide complete continuity of pregnancy, labour and postnatal care and offer a the widest possible choice for your pregnancy and birth.




AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services)

At the forefront of the childbirth movement for more that 50 years, AIMS works for better births for all women. It provides independent support and information about maternity choices.


Tell Me a Good Birth Story

Listening to a good birth story is a powerful thing and it sends a simple message. “I did it, so can you!”. This website connects pregnancy women with mothers who have had good birth stories, creating a ‘big beautiful chain of birth confidence’.



Seed Nutrition - Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Clare is a registered nutritional therapist providing 1-1 consultations, coaching, support and workshopsin Bath. Nutritional Therapists use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.

Clare works with women with a variety of health concerns including insomnia, stress, anxiety, digestive complaints, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, and low immunity but has a specialised interest in helping women eat well through their pregnancy and providing nutritional support to help their body recover after birth.  07743 737132




The Courtyard Osteopaths - Bedminster, Bristol

Your first appointment here is half price, plus they do a free baby check for babies under 6 weeks old.   0117 923 1138




Open Space - Arts-based Psychotherapy (a free support group)

Post Natal Depression is sadly very common but please don't suffer in silence.  There are many resources to help you.  There is a free group in Bath run by a lovely woman called Domini Barry (highly recomended to me by a previous postnatal yoga student). In these small groups, they talk together (with babies) in a trusting, supportive environment.  If becoming a mother feels like a struggle at times, and some days it's not all you'd hoped, then joining this group could help. For mums with children age 0-7 months.

Call Domini on 01225 471438 or email

Visit the website Open Space


BlueBell Care - Peer Support

Bluebell Care is a charity established in Bristol in 2010 providing services to support emotional well-being for families during pregnancy and after birth.  Their Buddy scheme is now running in B&NES and so they can offer mothers who are experiencing mental health issues 1-2-1 peer support.  This is free for mothers during pregnancy and up to 2 years postnatal.

You can find more information at and the B&NES Buddy Page is here

Or call 0117 922 0746 or email


Dads in Mind

If you are a dad living in B&NES and you or your partner are experiencing ante or postnatal depression, anxiety or feelings of isolation, then the DADSINMIND worker could help you.  It may help to chat with another dad who has lived the experience.

You can contact them on Facebook at DADSINMIND or call 07710 050400 or email


Make a Move

This Bath-based charity runs groups for mums with postnatal anxiety, low mood or depression. You can self-refer or be referred through a support service like BlueBell or your Health Visitor.  In the groups, you will use movement, mindfulness, talk and other therapeutic techniques to find connection with yourself at a time you might be feeling lost in motherhood and life. You get to meet other mums who may be having similar experiences, have a hot cup of tea and a ‘head holiday’.  A children’s group / crèche is run alongside where children are looked after by fully qualified staff.

You can check out the Make a Move website or email


NHS 1-2-1 support

The NHS offer 1-2-1 support for post natal depression (PND), which anyone can self refer to, you just need to call and book an appointment - 01225 675150 (this is the number of Lift Psychology, which is based in Paulton Hospital.


Try the website for more info on PND




Caroline Josling (MAR, MIFPA, ALLT, BCMA) at Harvest Moon Practice - Bath

Caroline is a trained, reflexologist, aromatherapist and advanced massage therapist and also offers Facial Energy Release treatments.  She specialises in maternity treatments often combining reflexology with aromatherapy massage. She is also qualified in Reiki I and II and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

07973 732842


Laura Speller at Blue Birch Reflexology

Laura specialises in maternity and fertility issues and loves to support women at any stage in their pregnancy

07974 146685




Kate Charlesworth 

Kate specialises in women’s health and continence and has 15 year’s experience in this area. She sees both men and women with pelvic girdle pain and muscle rehabilitation treatment needs

07722 299851


Debbie Dillon

Debbie provides integrative physiotherapy programmes including acupuncture for a rang eof different problems including pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and post delivery, rectus diastasis abdomens (tummy gap), urinary oncontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, bowel issues and sexual dysfunction.  She also has a special interest in treating coccyx pain and is one of a few practitioners in the South West offering The Mummy MOT.

07837 833505


Emma Ruth Smith 

Emma works with women at all stages of their life - before and after giving birth, menopause and beyond helping with issues such as incontinence, diastsis recti, back pain and prolapse. Emma brings her experience as a massage therapist, a Professional Triathlete and former corporate lawyer to her work.

07878 532408



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