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General Yoga Classes


I moved to Bath 2 months ago. After 20 years of yoga practice in Oxford, many workshops, many styles, I am so glad I have found Georgie's class! Her classes are amazingly complete and you come out energised and relaxed, serene and ready for any challenge. Merci Georgie."

Veronique D.


“Classes achieved the right balance of exercise and relaxation.”

Peta S.


Pregnancy Yoga


"Labour went well and I asked my husband to remind me of the golden thread breathing technique which I used a lot. Between my tens machine and breathing, we got through almost all of labour and had gas and air for the last twenty minutes. And then a delightful wee girl joined us! Thanks so much for all the top tips and relaxing at yoga. Turns out it helped more than I can of imagined." Becs D.


"Thank you so much for being an amazing yoga teacher. I really enjoyed all of the sessions I attended and feel much better prepared for the birth than I would have otherwise." Emma G.


"Thank you so much for the classes. I have loved them and I am convinced that I would have been on crutches had I not attended your classes [Sarah suffered from pubic symphysis pain] as they have kept me moving and helped hugely with relaxation and flexibility." Sarah E.


"I can’t actually believe that it’s all over and am now the ‘proud owner’ of someone so precious! All in all, the wonderful experience of being pregnant and the ‘positive’ labour has left me feeling as if I want to do this over and over again!!!
I can’t thank you enough for all of the fabulous advice you gave both myself (during yoga classes) and Andrew (at your birth prep class).  It really did make a difference in understanding my pregnancy and the whole labour process!" Abi G.

"Thank you again for all your support through pregnancy.  I have to say that your yoga classes helped to make my pregnancy such an enjoyable experience!  I do hope to come along to your mother and baby classes once Finn is old enough." Ciara P.

Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic post-natal yoga classes - Josh and I have absolutely loved them and really enjoyed the support they have given us too" Kim R.

"I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all of the pregnancy and baby yoga sessions SO much and they were really helpful in so many ways.  You are a great teacher and make amazing biscuits!  Thank you ever so much and hopefully I will see you again when I brave being pregnant again!" Morag Y.


Womb to World Workshops

"Both Cory and I are absolutely convinced that your classes and birth workshop contributed to how quickly and relatively smoothly the birth went." Amy S.
"I can't thank you enough for the pregnancy yoga and the couples birthing preparation that you did for us at home. The combination of the breathing techniques and pressure points for Dan to work with worked brilliantly. I did the golden thread breathing as well as some ujayi breathing throughout :-) I also concentrated on the contractions being 'surges' and becoming more 'intense' and feeling my body do everything it needed to do to birth my baby. Amazing!

We managed the latent phase at home for about 12 hours and started using the TENS machine in the last few hours before heading into hospital where the examination confirmed I was 4cm. Then with some help from the Gas and Air machine, about 6-7 hours later, little Rory was born, no interventions or stitches :-) so overall a very good birth. So proud of myself!" Jane S.


"Just want to say a big thank you as the birth prep workshop really paid off.  I had a very positive birth and Ant was so good at supporting me too!  I had mild contractions since the day before and I was constantly on my knees and standing, wriggling around and using lots of techniques that you mentioned.  Cephas was born within 15 minutes of arriving at the delivery suit - we didn't expect such a quick delivery.  I didn't even need the tens machine as such!" Eunie L.

Yoga for Businesses


"I have never attended a workshop before and felt nervous.  Georgina made me feel relaxed and I learnt to breathe!  I will certainly take this with me. Thank you."

"A great start to the day - energising and very well presented by a calm, patient person."


"Georgina allowed people to work at own pace. Important element in week for physical well being."


"A lovely way to end the day. I felt cared for and comfortable even though I've never done yoga before. 


It worked well as by the Thursday I felt that we had covered a lot and needed a little release.

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