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Birth Preparation for couples
Womb to World Workshops

workshops are now in-person

Sat 26 Jun 10-1pm
Sat 11 Sep 10-1pm
Sat 20 Nov 10-1pm

Weston Methodist Church
Newbridge hill, batH BA1 3EA

womb to world workshops for couples

Every labour is different so your labour will be uniquely and incredibly special to you. I understand this – I have had three babies of my own!

The aim of this powerful session is to offer you and your partner the chance to have some dedicated space to prepare for your baby’s birth together and to learn techniques and mind-sets that are proven to help you have a positive and pro-active birth – hugely increasing the likelihood of a happy, healthy, positive birth.

In this one-off workshop, we will explore ways your partner can be of essential, practical and emotional support in labour – including learning birth positions, breathing visualisations, accupressure and massage techniques.

The session is suitable for you to attend with your birth partner at any stage of your pregnancy. However, if you can, I recommend trying to book a session that falls in your third trimester.

Many people find that having done the session, many of their fears and worries are calmed or even disappear altogether.  Feel free to attend the workshop earlier than your third trimester if no other dates suit you, or if you feel that you need a boost to your confidence!

"birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in"

sheila kitzinger

Would you like to book a virtual workshop?

You can book onto a workshop even if you don’t come to my pregnancy yoga classes – but if you don’t, can I please recommend them to you?!  We cover so much in these classes that prepares your body and mind well for labour.

The next Womb to World Birth Preparation Workshop for couples dates are:

Saturday 26th June 10-1pm 

Saturday 11th September 10-1pm

Saturday 20th November 10-1pm

The workshop price is £65 per couple and includes a comprehensive pdf which will be emailed to you after the session, as a well as tea and homemade snacks during the session.

If you can’t make the date, you can  request a private workshop. Please get in touch as I regularly offer private workshops and love to do so!




"Both Cory and I are absolutely convinced that your classes and Womb to World workshop contributed to how quickly and relatively smoothly the birth went"

Amy S.

"Today was great thanks, best thing we've done yet in terms of feeling prepared for the birth. I'm feeling much more positive about it now."

Sally R.

"My midwife said how well I coped, complimented me on my breathing and pelvic floor. All thanks to you! Thanks again - I really can't say how much your classes have helped with both my pregnancies and labours."

Alison S.