Pay for your class

Remember you can pay for a class up to two weeks in advance. If the date you want is not available, give it a bit of time, I may just need to update the website.


Also if you are buying a Class Pass, remember you can either use it for the same class each week (and ask to go on the Regular List if you like) or you can use it for a variety of classes, you just need to contact me with an email or text (remember, the in-person classes may be busy so try to book as early as you can). 


I keep track of all classes you have used for your Class Pass (in a fancy excel spreadsheet!) so I will be in touch when your pass runs out to remind you to purchase a new one.  You can also ask at any time how many classes you have remaining if you lose track.


Buying a Recorded Class

If you'd like to purchase any of my classes as recorded classes, please select the correct class and date using the PayPal button below and then select 'Recorded Zoom Class' when asked what type of class you are booking.


If you have a Class Pass and want to purchase a recorded class, just send me a message and let me know which one. I will then send it to you after the class and mark it off your Class Pass. 


If you plan to attend the live zoom class but at the last minute you can't, it's easy for me to send you the recording instead, just send me a message to let me know.


A note to explain your payment options


1) One off Class: £8

2) Mini Class Pass: £29 (4 classes with no time limit)

3) Super Class Pass: £58 (8 classes with no time limit)

4) Monthly Unlimited Class Pass: £65 (valid for 31 days from date of first class)

5) The final option is for you if your finances are really tricky due to Covid.  You can make a payment of your choosing of as little as you need.  In this instance, you can find me on PayPal using and pick an amount you are able to pay. Drop me a quick email/text to let me know.



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Pay for your Yoga Class
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Please note: Some in-person classes are super busy and have limited numbers due to Covid.  Please assume you have a place unless I get in touch to let you know that you are on a waiting list. 

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