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Postnatal yoga
Currently LiveStreamed

Classes are every wednesday 11-12pm via zoom

non-judgemental Support and care

I am delighted to offer a weekly Postnatal Yoga class during these strange times. Having a new baby is when you need, more than ever, the support and care of a good movement and relaxation practice. 

You can start attending once your baby is 6 weeks old and you have had your doctors check – as soon as you feel ready to gently move and stretch. And you can continue for as long as you like!

In each class, we tend to get moving straight away – with a gentle flowing practice, followed by core restore exercises and then a guided relaxation for proper rest, improved sleep and mood.  We have time at the end of the class for chatting to other mums.

Baby can be asleep or with your partner or friend if you are able and would like – or may be in your arms or on your mat with you.

"breathing in, I calm my body and mind. Breathing out I smile. dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment."

thich nhat hanh


Would you like to try a class?

It’s so straightforward to join a class. You can pay for an individual class to try it out and then when you’re ready, purchase a 4 Class Pass or an 8 Class Pass.  Purchasing a class or a Class Pass reserves you a place.  The class passes have no time limit.

If you can’t make the class anytime, you can ask to receive the recorded class.  And I always send the recording to every mum who attends – so you can catch up on anything you missed, or do the whole class again later in the week.

Once you’ve booked your first class, I’ll send you a new Postnatal Yoga student form which you’ll fill in before attending, and you’ll receive the Zoom link the day before the class.

You don’t need any special equipment apart from a yoga mat. We usually use a variety of cushions and blankets too – nothing you won’t have in your home already.


What to expect

This class offers an informal, safe place where you will learn lots of safe and effective postnatal recovery exercises to help you relax, restore your energy and address some of post-pregnancy’s challenges –  weakened pelvic floor, aching neck and shoulders, back ache, tiredness and emotional ups and downs.

The class is for mums of first or subsequent babies. Whilst babies are totally welcome, the focus is on mums. If you are able to ask a friend to cuddle baby during the first 45 minutes of practice – so you have time to yourself – that may be wonderful. Or you may prefer to practice with baby alongside you. 

You are in your own space so you can play music, sing, chat to baby, provide toys and stimulation as needed.


And after lockdown

I do hope to once again be able to offer in-person Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga classes as I have done for so many years.  With the chance to meet other mums in person, chat over homemade goodies and herbal tea and enjoy a practice in a shared space.

As soon as this is possible, perhaps in Spring 2021, I will let you know. These will probably run alongside the online Postnatal Yoga classes, so you will be able to  choose to do one or either, or both!




"It wasn't just a yoga practice but a nice time out to spend with my baby, where I also had a chance to listen to other mums, hear advice and share thoughts. Georgie added huge value by sharing her knowledge and experience."

Tikka K

About Zoom classes "I was surprised by how like the usual class it was and I thought you managed it brilliantly"

Suzanne H

About Zoom classes "It was a lovely class and felt magical to get that time for relaxation at the end. I'm grateful for the warmth and nurturing space you've created - even through all this craziness."

Jenny M