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Postnatal yoga
Online and In-person

Core restore & Pelvic floor Classes Mondays
11-12pm online

postnatal Mother & baby classes
wednesdays 11-12:30pm in-person

two ways to attend postnatal classes with me

Wednesdays 11-12:30pm

I’m delighted to be able to offer again my weekly 90 minute Postnatal Mother & Baby Yoga class at the Weston Methodist Church.  Over the years it has proved a life line for new mums where we can be in a safe space together to move, heal, eat, chat and really relax.

Mondays 11-12pm (Live or Recorded)

At the same time, I am also running an online class ideally suited for new mums called ‘Core Restore and Pelvic Floor’.

Having a new baby is when you need, more than ever, the support and care of a good movement and relaxation practice. 

You can start attending either class once your baby is 6 weeks old and you have had your doctors check – as soon as you feel ready to gently move and stretch. And you can continue for as long as you like!

"breathing in, I calm my body and mind. Breathing out I smile. dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment."

thich nhat hanh


What to expect in the Postnatal mother & baby class

The Weston Methodist Church is a large airy space with plenty of room for you, your baby and your buggy, and it is wheelchair / pushchair accessible.

We start the class with a little catch up on everyone’s week and then get stuck into a yoga practice which follows the needs of the particular class that week. Sometimes the class is noisy and boisterous and other times the vibe seems mellow and calm.

The class is designed to common alleviate postnatal issues such as stiff shoulders, back ache and a weakened core and many of the practices can be done with babes in arms. Relaxation and breath work is key to your physical and mental well being so these are always part of the class.

And we finish with a cup of herbal tea and a homemade snack while we pack up and chat. Sometimes I invite a local baby or postnatal therapist or expert in to share their skills.


what to expect in the core restore & pelvic floor class

In these classes, we start with a gentle flowing practice, followed by clearly explained core restore exercises and pelvic floor work, and then a guided relaxation for proper rest, healing, improved sleep and mood.  

You’ll learn effective postnatal recovery exercises to help you relax, restore your energy and address some of post-pregnancy’s challenges –  weakened pelvic floor, aching neck and shoulders, back ache, tiredness and emotional ups and downs.

The class is for mums of first or subsequent babies and for anyone else who would like to learn how to restore their core strength and integrity, and understand how to work safely and effectively with pelvic floor exercises. Whilst babies are totally welcome, the focus is on mums. If you are able to ask someone to cuddle baby so you have time to yourself, that may be wonderful. Or you may prefer to practice with baby alongside you. 

You are in your own space so you can play music, sing, chat to baby, provide toys and stimulation as needed.

You don’t need any special equipment apart from a yoga mat. We usually use a variety of cushions and blankets too – nothing you won’t have in your home already.



Would you like to try a class?

It’s so straightforward to join a class. You can pay for an individual class to try it out (£8 online, £13 in-person) and then when you’re ready, purchase a 4 Class Pass or an 8 Class Pass.  Class Passes have no time limit.

I will send the zoom link out for the Monday class on Sundays. For the in-person class, you will be guaranteed a place if you purchase a Class Pass – you just let me know any week you can’t attend.  

If you’d like to come to a mixture of both classes, or maybe come to the online class or receive the recording any week you can’t come to the in-person class,  you can buy a single class or you might like to purchase a Class Pass for each.

You won’t ever be out of pocket – if you need to stop coming to class for any reason before the pass expires, you will receive a full refund.




"It wasn't just a yoga practice but a nice time out to spend with my baby, where I also had a chance to listen to other mums, hear advice and share thoughts. Georgie added huge value by sharing her knowledge and experience."

Tikka K

About Zoom classes "I was surprised by how like the usual class it was and I thought you managed it brilliantly"

Suzanne H

About Zoom classes "It was a lovely class and felt magical to get that time for relaxation at the end. I'm grateful for the warmth and nurturing space you've created - even through all this craziness."

Jenny M