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Pregnancy yoga
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Pregnancy Yoga - prepare for Birth

I’m really delighted that despite a certain bug that has put a stop to my busy in-person Pregnancy Yoga classes, which I have been teaching since 2008, I’m still able to offer really valuable on-line classes via Zoom.

You can start attending once you are 15 weeks pregnant and can continue right up until your due date – and beyond of course (most babies quite sensibly wait until they are ready to be born, rather than paying attending to a given Due Date!)

I trained in Pregnancy Yoga in 2008 (and Postnatal Yoga not long after) and have since studied extensively on the pelvic floor and women’s health.  My classes are relaxed and friendly, and I try to help you gently navigate the ups and downs of your pregnancy. If I can’t help, I often know someone who can! 

Thursdays 6-7:30pm

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“we have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong!"

Laura Stavoe harm

Would you like to try a class?

It’s so straightforward to join a class. You can pay for an individual class to try it out and then when you’re ready, purchase a 4 Class Pass or an 8 Class Pass.  Purchasing a class or a Class Pass reserves you a place and you will receive the Zoom link the day before the class.

If you can’t make the class anytime, you can receive the recorded class.

Once you’ve booked your first class, I will send you the link to a new Pregnancy Yoga student form which you’ll fill in before attending.

You don’t need any special equipment apart from a yoga mat. We usually use a variety of cushions and blankets too.

What to expect

Being pregnant is a special time and yet there can be many physical, mental and emotional challenges. In my classes you will deeply relax and enjoy your unique connection with your baby.  You’ll be able to chat and share advice with other mums-to-be. 

You’ll learn how to safely stretch and strengthen your body and keep it healthy and fit, often alleviating, soothing or even preventing some of those pregnancy aches and pains – such as varicose veins, ligament pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, backache and tiredness, stress and anxiety.

Every couple of months, I do a special session where we look at using a birth ball in labour. You can use a chair if you haven’t got a ball 🙂

Birth Preparation for Couples

In pre-Covid times, I ran these 3-hour workshops in-person every 3 months. Now they are online and we have 2 hours together.

Informative and practical, these sessions inspire and empower you  to have a positive, active labour. Scientific research shows time and again that a physically and emotionally supportive partner improves labour outcomes.

You will learn how to work together to stay in control of your birth experience and learn a host of natural pain relieving techniques, including simple breath and visualisation practices, using a birth ball, skillful birthing positions for different stages of labour and acupressure point work. 

“Best thing we’ve done in terms of feeling prepared for the birth. I’m feeling much more positive about it now. Thank you.”




"Thank you for last night's class. Although we are all far away, it was wonderful to virtually be able to connect with other expectant mums-to-be. I felt so much calmer."

Becky W.

"I've been doing Georgie's Pregnancy Yoga classes since week 17 of my pregnancy and it is the highlight of my week. I leave feeling totally and utterly relaxed every single week and it's really helping me prepare both physically and mentally for labour."

Bex H.

"My midwife said how well I coped, complimented me on my breathing and pelvic floor. All thanks to you! Thanks again - I really can't say how much your classes have helped with both my pregnancies and labours."

Alison S.