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Special Events

bookend Your weekend (virtual)

Sat 26 & Sun 27 june

Saturday 8:30-9:30am

Sunday 5-6pm

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What is an Energise class?
Energise yoga is a morning wake up call for the mind and body.  Perfect for you if you are looking for a positive start to the weekend and you’re looking for an all over body-stretch and a mind refresh. 

What is a Restorative class?
Restorative yoga is a healing restorative session, using just a few floor-based poses held for minutes at a time. The last half of the class is a guided relaxation. The deliberate supported stillness encourages physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

Do I have to do both classes?
No not at all. You might prefer to do just one of these classes, rather than both. That’s totally fine, you can do that via the button below as well.  

Is the class suitable for me?
Energise requires a little yoga experience, not so for Restorative. That is suitable for complete beginners. If you are unsure, please contact me,

When is the zoom link (or link to the recording) sent?
The zoom link will be sent to you the day before the class. If you have asked for the recording instead, that will be sent out just after the class.

Can I make a late booking?
Absolutely. I check my phone and emails right up to the start of the class and you can book pretty last minute if you need to. It’s easy for me to send the zoom link through quickly.

What if I need to cancel?
No worries, you can ask for the recording of the class/es if you like, use the payment for another class/es or ask for a full refund.

Do I have to attend live?
Not at all, you can attend live or receive the recording. The price is the same. You can also change your mind about how to attend at any point – just let me know!

PRICE: £13 for both or £8 each


11/12 Sep, 23/24 Oct, 20/21 Nov

seasons change celebration SEries

Spring Equinox
Sun 21 Mar 5-7pm

Summer Soltice
Sun 20 June 5-7pm

Autumn equinox
Sun 19 Sept 5-7pm

Winter Solstice
tues 21 dec 6-8pm


This series of four special classes is new for 2021 and will help us honour the turning of the seasons.

I believe it is not only pleasant and rewarding but also crucial, to notice the seasons changing around us, and how that affects our mood, our plans and our outlook.

The four special dates are as near as possible to the Spring Equinox (this year on 20th March), the Summer Solstice (this year on 21st June), the Autumn Equinox (this year on 22nd September) and the Winter Solstice (this year on 21st December).

You do not need to attend all of them, although I highly recommend it!

You can book onto each class individually or you can book all four at a discounted rate.

Each class is two hours and will use a sequence of flowing and still postures, breath practices, mudras (hand gestures) designed to help support our body and mind as we move through the seasons.

Each practice will conclude with a guided relaxation to finish.

When it is possible, these classes will be in person and will include a home-made snack (made by yours truly!) and good quality (always) herbal teas.  

However, currently I am running them on Zoom and the price reflects that. As and when (if) things change and I can hold these sessions in person, I will take a decision at that time whether to move the class from virtual to in-person and the price will change to reflect that.

Beginners to yoga are most welcome.

PRICE: £16 each or £55 for all four

free guided meditations


This is a short weekly practice to help you reset and find balance.

The sessions vary each week and we use visualisations, mindfulness, single pointed and open awareness techniques.

You can lie down on the floor for your meditations, sit on a sofa, the bed, a meditation cushion. Whatever suits you as long as you’re warm and comfortable and have freedom in the spine to breathe comfortably.

It’s free – and once you are on the list, you will receive the meditation straight to your inbox each week, usually on a Tuesday.

please send me a free meditation each week

fresh air yoga

When the weather and the law allows, let’s practice yoga in the park together – by the Bandstand in Bath’s Victoria Park,  just below the Royal Crescent – or sometimes a little to the side (in a grassy corner by the junction of Marlborough Lane and Royal Avenue)

The next class is planned for Friday 23rd April 5:30-6:15pm with covid-secure guidelines.

Spaces are open to adults of all abilities and are a beautiful opportunity to practice together safely, immersed in nature.  You will need to bring your own mat and blanket and wear clothes appropriate for the weather.  We will follow covid-secure practices of keeping 1.5-2m between each other.

I bring a homemade treat and herbal tea bags to share for after the class

Each class is 45 minutes and can be booked as a one-off class or you can use your Class Pass.

If you would like to be on the WhatsApp group, please let me know! 

Next class: TBA (sorry Fri 28th class cancelled)