Seasons Change Series

A Yin Yoga Immersion


Monday: 30th Mar  22 Jun  14 Sep  16 Nov

7:45pm - 9:15pm

Well-Bath Studio, Woolley Lane

Charlecombe BA1 8DN



New for 2020, this new series of classes will be at the Well-Bath Studio just outside Bath. There are four opportunities to attend, in line with the changing seasons and each a class is 90 minutes long. You will be able to book onto each class individually - you do not need to attend all of them, although I highly recommend it!


Yin yoga offers an antidote to yang style activities such as the more active styles of yoga you may be familiar with (like Iyengar, vinyasa, ashtanga) as well as activities such as running, dancing, lifting weights etc, and is a welcome antidote to our modern busy, active and often stressed-out lives.


We emphasis passive, static floor-based postures held for long periods of time with the muscles in a relaxed state. It can be challenging. It is however always beautful and meditative and has its foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian theory. As such, we can use a well-curated sequence of postures designed to help support our body and mind as we move through the seasons, from Winter to Spring, from Spring to Summer and so on.


Enjoy a guided relaxation to finish, as well as a home-made snack (made by yours truly!) and good quality (always) herbal tea as part of this Yin Yoga Immersion.  Beginners to yoga and to this style of yoga are most welcome.


I look forward to welcoming you to this new class!



How to book and pay for your place


The first of these Yin Immersions, 30th March 2020, is bookable now on the Well-Bath website.  


Book your place here



Refund Policy

If you sadly need to cancel your place, you will be offered a full refund as long as it’s no less than 48 hours before the class starts.

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