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Bright Blue Winter season Yoga 2020

come to one, some - or all!

This year has been one in a million.  Tumultuous, unprecedented, challenging. So many things. There have been many scary moments and many more touches of kindness and compassion for each other.  We’ve been forced to live in a different way, and whilst oh-my-goodness it’s been hard (and so much harder for many more people in worse situations than me) I can think of many positive experiences.

This December I want to offer a series of classes which reflect how I have personally got through this year, with you – via zoom, in person at times, honouring traditions and taking time to mindfully move and to deeply rest.  

You can come to just one class, or more, or even all of them (there’s a little discount for that). 

You can attend via zoom or ask for the recording, all but for the Winter Solstice Celebration, which is in-person.

Below, you’ll find info about each class, when it is and what to expect. For all the zoom classes, you can book using your Class Pass if you have one, or pay for the class as a one-off.

deep stretch yoga for the festive joy of it


It feels good to stretch doesn’t it. Gently, appropriately, at our comfortable edge and holding for long enough to really effect change in our bodies. 

This is the essence of a yin yoga practice.

There are not a huge number of poses per class, and most will be floor based (rather than standing poses) but each one is given the time to be fully explored and released into, the sensations – subtle or strong – can be met with a relaxed and open mind to explore how our edge changes over time and how our breath and mind affect the pose.

You could describe the class as a somatic (body) meditation.

Ultimately, we find more space in our bodies which is a joyful feeling. 

Maybe a Festive Joyful feeling?!  And we want and even need space in our joints and hearts to help us fully enjoy December’s gifts.


relaxing yoga for a peaceful mind

I can almost guarantee that by the end of this class together, you will have either glimpsed or be fully immersed in a peaceful mind state.
How can I guarantee that? 
Because I know that when we truly relax our muscles, joints and nervous systems, truly allow our breath to be low and slow, when we support our bodies in gorgeously open and releasing poses, our minds find an ease and a peace which is sublime.
This class requires you to have a rather large pile of cushions, blankets and pillows to hand. We will move through a gentle flow sequence to tease open the morning body and then proceed to open and rest in floor-based quiet poses.

sat 12 Dec, 9:30-10:30am

"no winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn"

hal borland

Rest and Be merry

Savasana Hand dreamstimepurchased_xl_83519236 (1)

Just lie down.

For a whole hour.

If that sounds like bliss, then this is the class for you.

I will help you to get as comfortable as possible, warm and supported, on the floor, maybe on a warm rug or blanket, with blankets over you, softness under your head and maybe your legs supported.

Then there’s nothing more for you to do than to let go, listen and gently allow your awareness to be guided on a journey to deep, deep rest.  

I will use yoga nidra (deep relaxation) techniques, visualisations, breath awareness and silent space to help you drop from everyday awareness to a healing brainwave state that will leave you feeling deliciously restored.

You will be starting the weekend on a positive, grounded footing, ready for the merry festivities to come.


fri 18 Dec, 6-7pm

winter solstice celebration


I’m delighted to host a celebration of the Winter Solstice again this year. I hope to meet in-person (Zoom will be our back up!)

This event always sells out and I fully expect it to do the same again this year because it’s such a treat. 

In this time of long nights, when everything comes slowly to a stillpoint, the Earth is rebirthing in its natural cycle. This early evening session of gentle yoga movement and guided deep relaxation is an invitation to connect to the cycles of Mother Nature, using as inspiration the creation, by us, of an evergreen Mandala in the centre of our space (or in your home).
Our gentle yoga practice will encourage us to look to our inner light at this time of greatest darkness when the world tips over after the Solstice into slowly longer days and a steady return of the light.  
Please bring a flask of a warming drink and I will provide delicious home-made treats.

Mon 21 Dec, 6-8pm
Weston methodist church




"Supremely relaxing"

Fiona V

"After a yin yoga class I feel all floaty. There's a lightness and buzzing in my body, just like the sensation after a full body massage."

Teresa H

"I love your events and wish I could be there more often. You create lasting memories in my mind"

Zee L